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Before you get started

This site is intended to guide you through the daunting task of getting started with your research, and holding your hands right through to your graduation! But remember, these are only words – your best guide is your supervisor, so continously engage with him/her to ensure that you are on the right track. This site is designed to be a respository of the materials and tools that you need to produce the highest possible standard of work, with the least amount of stress. The Discipline offers a Masters in Medical Science (MMedSci) in Occupational and Environmental Health programme which is a 100% research programme. Your supervisor may advise you to take additional courses depending on your past training. This programme can be taken part-time or full time. Our Masters in Medicine programme is for doctors wanting to specialist in occupational medicine. The steps outlined here will guide candidates in both programmes for their research components.


STEP 1:  Before you get Started.

Before you get started with your research, you need to apply to the University to commence your studies. You need to complete the applications forms online. To apply, you need to visit the UKZN Application Site and complete the current university application form. In addition, you need to complete this concept document with your application.

Once the above procedures are complete, you will be contacted by our Discipline Administator, Mr, Sibongiseni Ngema ( once your application has been reviewed within the Discipline. Your application will be reviewed based on certain critical criteria, including your ability to complete a postgraduate qualification. Your marks in your undergraduate programmes are important, particularly in courses such as epidemiology and biostatistics, your ability to write in English, computer skills and technical competency in research area (for example, you cannot do a genetics study, if you have not had training in laboratory sciences). Another important criteria is your areas of research interest. As a policy, we only supervise in areas of our research expertise and interest. Should you wish to consider other areas, we may re-direct you to another Discipline or institution depending on the study area.

You will be invited for an interview at which the Head of Discipline and another academic , potentially your supervisor, if you are accepted, will be present. A general discussion to assess your ability, your capacity to undertake a research programme, resources at your disposal, gaps in your knowledge etc wil be addressed.

Once we have agreed that you are ready to be accepted into a Masters programme, your concept document, application form signed off by your supervisor, together with other supporting documentation (proof of undergraduate qualifications, undergraduate course results etc) are submitted to the Postgraduate Office, which is then forwarded to the Academic Leader: Research for approval. Once approval is provided, you will receive communication from the Postgrad Office.

You will now need to register with the University, and register for the specific modules. Make sure that you have registered for the necessary module for your qualifications. For the MMedSci, you need to register for the module OCEH81F, while for the MMed, you need to register for the OCEH8RP module. This must now be submitted to the College of Health Sciences Postgraduate Office. You can contact Ms. Michelle Ramlal or call 0312601075 for further assistance.

At this point in time, you should apply for your research scholarship that is made available by the College of Health Sciences. You need to visit the Scholarships Application page for this online application. These supporting documents  (and this) allow you to complete these online forms.

Once your registration is approved, you have six months in which to submit your proposal (but we hope that you can get this done in a much shorter timeframe, for reasons listed below)

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