Step 10

The Examination Process

Once you have done your analysis, you commence with the next challenging task – the final task….the write-up. You are encouraged to write this up in the form of have a journal article that can be accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal.

The Research Project Guidelines provides you with the details about how you should go about doing this. The attached dissertation template allows you to commence writing, without changing any styles or fonts. You are encouraged to use this.

Your supervisor will review your dissertation and make comments. Be prepared for substantial re-writes. The policy in our Department is that your dissertation is not submitted to Postgraduate Education Committee for examination until the supervisor is convinced that your dissertation will pass the examination process. This may mean several revisions of your dissertation. At some stage it is worthwhile having your dissertation proofread for grammar and language style by experts. There are several people out there doing this, one is Desré Stead, Perlego Information Consulting, Tel/Fax: 031 701 2013, Cell: 073 138 6221, email: , web: Although this can be quite costly, having an examiner wade through tons of grammatical errors, poor sentence construction etc, can be frustrating, and likely to present your dissertation in a poor light, no matter how good the science

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