Step 3

Preparing the proposal

Once your research concept has been agreed to with your supervisor, and you have worked through the aims and objectives, you need to develop a more comprehensive proposal.  You will need to use this template for the writing of this document. We demand a very high standard in proposal writing, so do not be surprised if you have repeated re-writes of your proposal – and do not be surprised if your final proposal looks very different from your original idea. We encourage our masters and doctoral students to present their proposals at our Departmental Academic Days, which takes place on Fridays – this has a very useful peer-review function. Please contact Dr. Sujatha Hariparsad who will direct you to the co-ordinator of our Academic Days to obtain a date for your presentation. Once your supervisor is satisfied with the quality of your proposal, you will be advised to submit to the Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC). 

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