Masters Research: Step by Step Guide

Guide to Masters research in the Department of OE Medicine

This step-by-step guide allows you to get a relaxed understanding of the research process, but the guide does not replace the more detailed documents that are referred to within the guide. You also need to refer to the Faculty Rules. This page allows you to get bite sized chunks of the guide, but if you want to get a single document, you may download it, but you will not be able to access the links referred to in the document.

Step 1 Before you get Started Step 8 Capturing your data
Step 2 Thinking about the research idea Step 9 Analysing your data
Step 3 Preparing the Proposal Step 10 Writing up your dissertation
Step 4 Doing a Literature Review Step 11  The Examination Process
Step 5 Developing your research instruments Step 12 The Next steps
 Step 6 Getting your proposal reviewed
Step 7  Preparing the groundwork for the fieldwork
 Guide to Procedures: Research Masters and Doctoral Candidates

Designing and Conducting Health Systems Research Project

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